Like most children of the 80's, Aaron always wanted to be an HVAC technician when he grew up. OK, that is probably a stretch. Most kids or even adults are unlikely to have any idea what a repairman in this field does.

Like most technicians, Aaron's career choice seems to have come about by knowing someone in the industry, or being introduced to it by observing someone doing their job and becoming curious as to how they did it. Aaron was lucky enough to have it both ways. His grandpa, Leo Doherty had a successful career in the HVAC world. Watching his grandpa work and asking questions was his introduction to what would be his vocational pursuit.

Working with his hands, as well as using his mind, are two of the things that Aaron enjoys about his day. Watching gauges and meters, instead of watching the clock is where he likes to be. The personal aspect of working with a variety of personalities and seeing their appreciation of a job well done are one of the bonuses of his position.

Doherty's Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is proud to introduce you to Aaron, and we trust you will feel fortunate to welcome such a fine young man into your home.


K. Aaron Hufford-Owner
(316) 945-5242

Started with Company :2010

Master Mechanical Licensed
licensed (#08993) and Insured
Goodman Dealer